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Ohne künstliche Farb- und Zusatzstoffe getreidefrei glutenfrei

ICEPAW Nordic Pure Dry Food

The dry food Nordic Pure is suitable for all adult dogs from the 12th month of life. This variety is 100% grain free! A gluten-free, delicious full-food with high-quality salmon, which is particularly suitable for gourmet dogs with grain allergy.

ICEPAW Nordic Pure dry food allows easy food intake and nutrition through the three clearly defined feed ingredients

  • Salmon as animal protein source
  • Potatoes as an easily digestible source of carbohydrate
  • Valuable fish oil (salmon) as an important addition of omega-3/6-fatty acids

This fodder is particularly loved by dog owners, who previously had a lot to deal with food allergies of their dogs. Your dogs love the food for the high quality salmon flavor. Nordic Pure supports the optimum skin and skin health by using salmon and linseed. In addition, the ingredient of the prebiotic inulin promotes a healthy intestinal flora.

With a special combination of active agents for

  • attractive fur (Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA from salmon and linseed oil, biotin, zinc)
  • stable joints (Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, glucosamine)
  • reduced allergenic potentiall (only one source of protein and carbohydrate)

Salmon and linseed contain natural Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids,
which help to encourage a perfectly healthy coat and skin. 
Prebiotic inulin promotes healthy intestinal flora.

Dried potato min. 37%, salmon meal min. 20%, dried beet pulp, potato starch
min. 5%, animal fat, whole egg powder,dried brewer?s yeast, salmon oil, linseed,
hydrolysed poultry liver, dried herbs, fructooligosaccharide, inulin

Available in 14 kg bag

Analytical constituents in %

Crude protein                        24.50

Crude oil/-fat                          15.00

Crude fibres                           2.60

Crude ashe                             5.70

Calcium                                   0.85

Phosphorous                          0.60

Sodium                                    0.31

Magnesium                             0.11

Linoleic acid n-6                    1.90

alpha-linolenic acid n-3         0.40

EPA n-3                                   0.26

DHA n-3                                  0.26

Additives per kg

Nutritionally additives :

Vitamin A                                15000 I.E.

Vitamin D3                                2000 I.E.

Vitamin E                                    100 mg

Vitamin B1                                    4.2mg

Vitamin B2                                    5.5mg

Vitamin B6                                    4.6mg

Vitamin B12                                   4mcg

Vitamin C                                       20mg

Choline chloride                          820mg

d pantothenic acid                        20mg

Nicotinic acid                                46mg

Folic acid                                         1mg

Biotin                                          400mcg

iron-II-sulphate (E1)                       77mg

Zinc sulphate (E6)                        135mg

Manganese-II-oxide (E5)                28mg


pentahydrate (E4)                       13.5mg

Calcium iodate                            1.35mg

Sodium selenite  (E8)                  0.27mg


Extracts containing large quantities of tocopherol of natural origin.

Feeding guide

Dog Weight (KG) Normal active (g/day) Active (g/day)
2.5 55 70
5 95 120
7.5 130 165
10 160 200
15 220 275
20 270 340
30 365 460
40 455 570
50 535 675
60 615 775
70 690 870




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