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Helps strengthen your dogs paws

Magnesium + Zinc supports a comprehensive stabilization of the nervous system through the interaction of magnesium (nervous and anxiety), vitamin B12 (nerve power), tryptophan (inner rest) and zinc (strengthening of the paws) and provides maximum contracting. Composition: magnesium salts organic acid (acetic acid), 20.0% magnesium carbonate, magnesium oxide, glucose, calcium carbonate. Analytical constituents: Roha ash 31%, crude fat 0.0%, crude protein 0.0%, crude fibre 0.0%, magnesium 13.16%, calcium 2.0%, sodium 0.0%. Additive content per 1.000g: Nutritional additives: vitamins: vitamin B12 / cyanocobalamin 100.00ug: Amino acids: L-tryptophan (3.4.1) 2.000mg; Trace elements: zinc chloride, anhydrous (3b602) 12.000mg. Feeding recommendation: with alone feed 1/2 cup (4g) daily, with BARF feeding 1 Mebloffel (8) daily. Gabe over a period of 2-3 months (do not overdose)! Due to its higher content of zinc chloride compared to its own feed, magnesium + zinc can only be fed to dogs with up to 10 g per kg of feed per day. Storage: Store tightly closed, cool, dry and protected from light.



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