dog supplies – IcePaw complete natural diet

IcePaw dog supplies. The complete natural diet

The IcePaw Complete Natural Diet is the perfect combination of our Premium pet food and original treats and oils.

As a matter of fact, we understand that selecting the best food for your pet is not to be taken lightly. As a result our premium range of quality dog supplies is developed from original natural sources, as nature intended.

Discover our range of dry and wet dog food, along with our mouth-watering fish treats and oils, high in Omega-3. Everything your pet needs to be happy and healthy, inside and out

IcePaw dog supplies – A nutritious combination

 Our expertly developed dog supplies are recipes that are balanced to prevent food intolerances. Furthermore to guarantee a good supply of nutrients and facilitate easy food ingestion. As a result our nutritional concept combines the following:

  1. An animal protein source – marine fish or lamb (single protein)
  2. Rice as main carbohydrate source (easily digestible)
  3. With valuable fish oil (omega-3/6-fatty acids)

All ICEPAW products can be combined very well, since the feed compositions are coordinated with each other. Not only dry food but also wet food and our snacks and oils.