Best dog food – for a visibly healthier and shinier coat


IcePaw – results you can see

Selecting the best dog food is a serious job.

And that’s why we’re confident, that once you’ve tried IcePaw, you’ll be delighted with the results.

Made with only nature’s finest ingredients as well as no unwanted additives, as a result you can be sure you’re choosing the best dog food.

Developed from research into the natural diets of the most resilient dogs, living in the harshest terrains on earth.

Discover our range of the best dog food: We offer dry and wet dog food, along with our mouth-watering fish treats and oils, high in Omega-3. Since your pet needs to be happy and healthy, inside and out.

The best dog food, balanced to prevent food intolerances

 Our expertly developed recipes are balanced to prevent food intolerances and therefore guarantee a good supply of nutrients and facilitate easy food ingestion. Most noteworthy, our nutritional concept combines the following:

  1. An animal protein source – marine fish or lamb (single protein)

  2. Rice as main carbohydrate source (easily digestible)

  3. With valuable fish oil (omega-3/6-fatty acids)

All ICEPAW products can be combined very well, since the feed compositions are coordinated with each other. As a result, you can mix dry food, wet food and compliment with the snacks and oils.